Thursday, April 15, 2010

Upstate NY solidarity does a double take!

Albany Area Math Circle students happily congratulate their fellow Upstate New Yorker, Allen Liu from Monroe County Math League, after he won the state high school NYSML championship hosted at UAlbany last Saturday (above) and the state middle school MATHCOUNTS championship last month (below).

At NYSML and MATHCOUNTS, Allen was on teams that competed with Albany Area Math Circle teams. At ARML, the national version of NYSML to be held at Penn State on June 5, all Upstaters will be on the same all-star Upstate New York Math Team. The head coach of the Upstate NY Team, George Reuter, looks ecstatic about the team's prospects, as do the members of the Upstate NY Math Team, who look forward to making new friendships and renewing old ones as they work with kindred spirits across Upstate New York.

Heads up to our friends on the downstate teams and AAST: the math leagues from Upstate NY congratulate your teams on your awesome performances at NYSML, but we are also looking forward to ganging up and meeting you again at ARML!

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