Friday, April 9, 2010

NYSML team rosters

Albany Area Math Circle A

Andrew Ardito heeg (Captain)
David Bieber Niskayuna High School (Coordinator)
Matthew Babbitt heeg
Shiwen (Heidi) Chen Emma Willard School
So yeun (Ashley) Cho Emma Willard School
Peixuan Guo Bethlehem High School
Gurtej Kanwar Bethlehem High School
Preston Law heeg
Zubin Mukerjee Guilderland High School
Paul Rapoport Albany Academy
Schuyler Smith heeg
Felix Sun Shenendahoah High School
Eric Wang Shenendahoah High School
Jay White heeg
Jason Xu Niskayuna High School

Albany Area Math Circle Octahedra

Anagha Tolpadi Niskayuna High School (Captain)
Noah Rubin Guilderland High School(Coordinator)
Shreya Arora Iroquois Middle School
Cecilia Holodak Van Antwerp Middle School
PeiTing Hsu Emma Willard School
Ann Job Shaker High School
Arun Job Shaker High School
Beatrice Malsky Guilderland High School
Isaac Malsky Farnsworth Middle School
Elizabeth Parizh Niskayuna High School
Noah Rubin Guilderland High School
Ved Tanavde Guilderland High School
William Wang Farnsworth Middle School
Yuqing Wu Emma Willard School

Albany Area Math Circle Tetrahedra

Brady Pelkey Hudson Falls High School (Captain)
Wyatt Smith heeg (Coordinator)
Matthew Gu Farnsworth Middle School
Greg Hickey Shaker High School
Gabriel Holodak Niskayuna High School
Bradley Johnson Niskayuna High School
David Luo Acadia Middle School
Jien Ogawa heeg
Adam Parower Shaker High School
Gili Rusak Shaker Junior High School
Philip Sun Acadia Middle School
Aniket Tolpadi Iroquois Middle School
Troy Wang Acadia Middle School
Isaac Smith heeg

You are an amazing community of students. Your advisors delight in the joy we have seen in you take in your collaborative problem solving at our weekly meetings and in the bonds of friendship and camaraderie we have seen form over the years. We hope to add additional students to fill Octahedra and Tetrahedra out to full strength, and we have confidence that you will welcome them and make them feel at home. (UPDATE: Thanks to DUSO Alternate Emily Shebby and Westchester Alternates Andrew Huang and Dan Herman for filling out Tetrahedra and Octahedra to full strength.)

We are proud of you, and we are proud of your veteran leadership team: Andrew, Dave, Anagha, Noah, Brady, and Wyatt.

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