Thursday, April 8, 2010

If you are looking for help or directions at NYSML

Here's how to find the people who can help you.

Our small army of volunteers will be wearing distinctive badges like the ones on the table above, made by our awesome sponsor Tough Traveler, in their Schenectady factory.

Some of them, like our Lead Zone Proctor Alexandra Schmidt, a math teacher from Hebrew Academy of the Capital District, also like to wear math t-shirts, so they'll be wearing the same light blue Albany Area Math Circle T-shirts that our students wear to help them stand out doubly from the crowd.

Our UAlbany student guides will carry pennants that look like this:

If you are looking for definitive answers to those all important questions like "Where is our team's classroom?" or "Where is the gym?" or "Where is the restroom?" or "Where am I supposed to be right now?" or "The light went out in our classroom? How do we get it turned back on" or "How long until lunch?" or "Why is there no proctor in our classroom yet?" or "I am an alternate, but I don't remember what team I'm supposed to be working with?" these folks can help you.

If your question relates to the UAlbany campus (like location of buildings and restrooms), your campus guides with the purple and gold Athena pennants are the best go-to people. If you question relates to the NYSML contest (like "Where am I supposed to be right now?" the folks with the Tough Traveler badges are the best bet.) For the most challenging questions, look for volunteers like Alexandra who are wearing light blue math circle shirts AND Tough Traveler badges.

These awesome volunteers will either know the answer to your questions OR they will know how to contact someone who can answer them!

Thanks to all our great volunteers.

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