Sunday, April 11, 2010

NYSML 2010 Top Team Results

Here are the results for top team honors for the 2010 New York State Math League math meet championship held yesterday at the University at Albany.

A Division Honors:

New York City's teams from Brooklyn/Staten Island, Manhattan, and Queens/Bronx took first place A-division honors at NYSML with scores of 269/261/255.

Albany Area Math Circle A took second place honors in the A division with a score of 245.*

Nassau County A took third place honors in the A division with a score of 236.

B-division Honors:

B division honors went to Dutchess-Ulster-Sullivan Orange (DUSO) A in first place with 177, Alternate 1 in second with 171, and Westchester Putnam B in third place with 146.

Ithaca High School ranked fourth in the B-division, only one point behind Westchester-Putnam B and received most improved honors for its score of 145. Albany Area Math Circle's two B-division teams, Octahedra and Tetrahedra, ranked next with scores of 133 and 132.

Bergen County AAST:

Bergen County Academy for the Advancement of Science & Technology (AAST) in New Jersey also had three teams participating in the meet. Bergen AAST Mu A turned in an outstanding performance of 267 points, right behind NYC Brooklyn/Staten Island.

Complete results for all 27 teams competing in the meet will soon be available at Congratulations to all participating teams and coaches.

*Thanks to a very gracious proposal made by NYC Head Coach Jim Cocoros last year, and adopted by a vote of NYSML members at last year's meeting, there is now a "no duplicate awards policy" for top team honors. This means that any given league may only win one set of honors. Thus all three of New York City's top ranking teams share first place honors.

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