Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NYSML high-scoring students from Albany Area Math Circle

Perfect scorers (10 Questions Correct)

Matthew Babbitt, 9th grade heeg
Eric Wang, 12 grade Shenendahoah High School

9 Questions:

Andrew Ardito, 12th grade heeg
Ashley Cho, 11th grade Emma Willard School
Peixuan Guo, 12th grade Bethlehem High School

8 Questions:

David Bieber, 12th grade Niskayuna High School
Heidi Chen, 12th grade Emma Willard School
Gurtej Kanwar, 11th grade Bethlehem High School
Paul Rapoport, 11th grade Albany Academy
Schuyler Smith, 11th grade heeg
Wyatt Smith, 10th grade heeg
Felix Sun, 11th grade Shenendahoah High School
Jay White, 11th grade heeg

7 Questions:

Cecilia Holodak, 8th grade Van Antwerp Middle School
Zubin Mukerjee, 9th grade Guilderland High School
Adam Parower, 12th grade Shaker High School
Noah Rubin, 11th grade Guilderland High School
Troy Wang, 8th grade Acadia Middle School
Jason Xu, 11th grade Niskayuna High School

6 Questions:

Gabriel Holodak, 10th grade Niskayuna High School
Brad Johnson, 10th grade Niskayuna High School

5 Questions:

Greg Hickey, 9th grade Shaker High School
Peiting (Peggy) Hsu, Emma Willard School
Preston Law, 9th grade heeg
Brady Pelkey, 12th grade Hudson Falls High School
Philip Sun, 7th grade Acadia Middle School
Aniket Tolpadi, 8th grade Iroquois Middle School

4 Questions:

Bea Malsky, 11th grade Guilderland High School
Elizabeth Parizh, 9th grade Niskayuna High School
Gili Rusak, 7th grade Shaker Junior High
Ved Tanadve, 11th grade Guilderland High School
William Wang, 6th grade Farnsworth Middle School
Yuqing Wu Emma Willard School

Student names listed in blue were perfect scorers. Student names listed in red were high scorers on their respective teams. (In keeping with the NYSML tradition of "no duplicate awards," students with perfect scores are not eligible for "high scorer on the team" honors.)

We would like to congratulate all students on Albany Area Math Circle's three NYSML teams this year, whether or not you were listed on the high scoring honors lists above, whether you scored two points or ten points.

Selection for the AAMC teams required meeting very high standards of mathematical and behavioral maturity, especially since we were the host team this year--you more than lived up to our expectations and we are proud of each and every one of you. Every single student on each of our three teams made contributions to their team's score this year.

Your team leaders, Andrew Ardito, Dave Bieber, Anagha Tolpadi, Noah Rubin, Brady Pelkey, and Wyatt Smith did an outstanding job of coordinating your work on the Team and Power Rounds and there were many notable successes on the relay rounds as well.

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