Sunday, April 11, 2010

NYSML Appreciation

We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to UAlbany Prof. Biswas and Albany Area Math Circle advisor Mr. Babbitt, the co-chairs of our Host Site Committee, for the months of work and planning they have put into making our dreams and vision for hosting NYSML a reality. When Albany Area Math Circle started up in 2001, Prof. Moorthy and I never dreamed we would see our tiny math circle flourish to the point of hosting NYSML, let alone fielding three teams of awesome students.

We are also grateful to our wonderful supporting team of alumnae, parent, and community volunteers, without whose efforts this NYSML would not be possible:

Site Committee Housing Coordinator: Dr. Susan Bieber

Alumnae General Factota: Catherine Miller and Beth Schaffer

Greeters: Elena Dolginova, Nancy Newman, Suzanne Rapoport

Lead Zone Proctor: Alexandra Schmidt, Hebrew Academy of the Capital District

Zone Proctors: Eric & Susan Bieber, Dave Holodak, Rupinder Kanwar, Shuang Liu, Debby Pelky, Lois & Richard Rubin, David & Nancy Rudinger, Anil & Anjana Tolpadi

Lapboard/Clipboard Czar: Charles Law

Scoring Room: Eileen and Tony Ardito, Elaine Hickey; Prof. Moorthy (Power Question grader)

We are deeply grateful to UAlbany for its hospitality, to the many UAlbany administrators and staffers who have worked with us for many months to make our vision and dreams for this NYSML a reality, especially Diane Dumesnil of the College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering and to Roman Dubiel of Undergraduate Admissions, as well as to Mary Tarsa, Lisa Scholz and Sally Mills of the School of Business.

We also deeply appreciate our awesome team of sponsors:

Thanks to our sponsors:

The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE)

The Bieber Family

UAlbany Undergraduate Admissions

The New York City Math Teachers Circle

Art of Problem Solving

Tough Traveler®

Sustaining Friends and Families of Albany Area Math Circle:

Robert P. Ingalls, Mukkai Krishnamoorthy, Mary O'Keeffe,
Ardito family, Babbitt family, Bieber family, Biswas-Mukerjee family, Hickey family, Guo family, Kaur family, Law family, Lesh-Shreiner family, Liu family, Liu-Gu family, Parizh family, Pelkey family, Reitz family, Scheib-Holodak family, Smith family, Sun family, Tanadve family, Tolpadi family, Wang family, White family

Contributing Families of Albany Area Math Circle:

Buff family, Cao family, Chen family, Foyt family, Hammar family, Hsu family, Ingalls family, Job family, Li family, Magai family, Monteith family, Ogawa family, Parower family, Rapaport family, Richman family, Rubin family, Rusak family, Soedjak family, Wajda family, Xu family

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