Friday, February 19, 2010

AMC B-date on Wednesday Feb 24

We have a record number of students taking the B date AMC high school contests! Thanks very much to Prof. Kathryn Lesh of Union College math department and to Ms. Alexandra Schmidt of Hebrew Academy for agreeing to host and proctor overflow sites for us at their schools to allow everyone to have a pleasant, spacious, and comfortable testing environment!

As a result, I need to reassign testing locations to some students.

If your student has signed up to take AMC12 with us, please check the list below to see the new contest location. If your new location assignment causes a major hardship, e.g., due to carpool arrangements or a parent's job location, please let me know, and I will see what can be done.

Otherwise, we will expect students to show up on Wednesday February 24 at 3 at their assigned testing AMC10/12 locations as follows:

Students assigned to take AMC 10B/12B at Hebrew Academy at 54 Sand Creek Road Albany: Adam Parower, Alexander Cao, Arun Job, Bill Dong, Gili Rusak, Greg Hickey, Hannah Liu, Hillel Adler, Isaac Malsky, Jeffrey Shen, Justina Liu, Matt Walsh, Matthew Gu, Noah Rubin, Paul Y. Rapoport, Ved Tanavde, William Yiwei Wang

Students assigned to take AMC10B/12B at Union College Bailey Hall Room 201: Andrew Ardito, David Bieber, Isaac Smith, Jay White, Jien Ogawa, Matthew Babbitt, Philip White, Schuyler Smith, Wyatt Smith, Zubin Mukerjee

Students assigned to take AMC 10B/12B at Calvary Church at 1230 Rugby Road Schenectady: Abigail Trouwborst, Alexander Wei, Alison Xu, Anagha Tolpadi, Aniket Tolpadi, Bridget Shreiner, Cecilia Holodak, Chen Qu, Elizabeth Parizh, Felix Sun, Flora Mao, Gabriel Holodak, Gideon Schmidt, Gurtej Kanwar, Leah Trouwborst, Martin Shreiner, Nathan Soedjak, Norman Xiong, Patrick Chi, Peixuan Guo, Philip Sun, Preston Law, Ryan Soedjak, Satjiv Kanwar

And a special shout-out of recognition to Emma Willard students who will be taking the B-date contest at your school next Wednesday! Kudos to your math department head Sunshine Greene for arranging it!

Good luck to everyone taking the B-date contests! Have a completely fantastic time!

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