Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dave Bieber and Andrew Ardito: Heart and Soul of Albany Area Math Circle

We have two long-time members who are graduating this spring, Dave Bieber and Andrew Ardito. They are outstanding examples of Albany Area Math Circle at its very best.

Both have been enthusiastic members of our math circle community since fifth grade. Their enthusiasm, positive energy, friendly collaborative spirit, talents, determination, work ethic, kindness, and delight in helping other students means that they provide outstanding models for our younger students to emulate.

Dave and Andrew are shining examples for our many younger students, both in their spectacular problem-solving skills and--even more importantly--in their abilities to bring out the best in their teammates as well as the many younger students they have mentored. The future of Albany Area Math Circle looks very bright because of the legacy they are leaving behind and the terrific work they have done with our younger students.

Three years ago, when Beth Schaffer and Drew Besse graduated, it was hard to imagine to imagine Albany Area Math Circle without them. We recognized the two of them with special awards as the Heart (Beth) and Soul (Drew) of Albany Area Math Circle.

Dave and Andrew have carried on in that very remarkable tradition, and it seems fitting to recognize the two of them this year with those same very special awards: the Heart and Soul of Albany Area Math Circle.

You'll be reading more about Dave and Andrew in separate posts dedicated to describing their terrific contributions to our community.

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