Sunday, June 10, 2012

Guerrilla Math Circle at the Youth Peace Rally

It is a beautiful day for more sidewalk chalk Guerrilla Math Circles.  I will be doing it at today's Youth Peace Rally at Jerry Burrell Park in Schenectady.

As I wrote in my last post:

Jerry Burrell Park is a place that is near and dear to my heart, because one of my former students at Union College, Jeremy Taglieri, spent a year working along with two friends to raise $84,000 in funds and recruiting 140 volunteers to renovate the park.  They called their project Project SKIP, where SKIP = "Schenectady Kids Imagine and Play."  Jerry Burrell Park is also the site of a SICM free lunch site, and in fact, volunteers from my own church will take a turn serving lunch for a week there later this summer. 

All math circle families, siblings, friends, and neighbors are cordially welcome to join us.  But--as I also wrote in my last post--I am mindful that not all parents will be comfortable with their families coming to this neighborhood.  It is a decision that should be made with full information--this is one of the highest crime neighborhoods in our area, and in 2010, just a few weeks after the playground's renovation, a 17-year-old shot and seriously wounded an 11-year-old boy and his 18-year-old older brother.  Each family needs to make a choice they are comfortable with.

But today, I choose to join those who hope to bring and keep peace in this community.  And I will bring what I have to share--the beauty and excitement of creating and discovering mathematical patterns.

Directions:  Jerry Burrell Park is located at the corner of Hamilton and Schenectady Streets in the Hamilton Hill neighborhood of Schenectady.

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