Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sign up for our December Math Meet

Albany Area Math Circle continues our very well-received monthly middle school math meets program again this year.   We will be using the Math Meets contest problems written by the always awesome George Reuter, the world famous coach of the Upstate NY Math team.

Congratulations to all the brave students who participated in our October and November math meets!  Every question solved added to the team's totals due to the fact that we had less than 10 students in each division!

Shout-outs to our high scorers of the meets:  Gwenda and Gabriel (Nov-middle school division); Jeffrrey (Oct-middle school division); Matt B, Matt G, David, and Philip (Nov-hs-no calc division); David, Gideon, and Luxi (Nov-hs calculator division); Alex and Alice (Oct hs-no calc division), Cecilia, Gili, and Matt B (Oct hs calc division).

Congratulations as well to the following perfect scorers:  Gili, Matt B, and Zubin (Oct hs-no calc); Matt B, Philip, and Zubin (Nov hs calc); Jerry and Patrick (Oct ms.)  (Note:  due to a no-duplicate award tradition, perfect scorers are NOT elgible for high scorer of the meet recognition.)

Thanks to all our high school students who have participated as mentors--you DO make a difference in helping "scary math problems" look less scary to the next generation of problem solvers!  And your courageous example in tackling tough problems of your own alongside our middle schoolers is inspiring also!

The biggest value of this type of activity comes from the collaborative discussions and reflections afterwards.  You can find last year's problems (and solutions!) here.  The December math meets problems focus on geometry, so I recommend looking at last year's December  math meet problems to prepare for this month's meet.

There are also playbooks with tips and even videos made by Coach Reuter to explain the solutions to last year's problems available here.

Space is limited and advanced signup on the form below is required.

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