Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AMC8 Congratulations!

Congratulations to all the Albany Area middle school students who embraced the challenge of the AMC8 with such enthusiasm this year! Congratulations as well to our high school students who have mentored many of them.

Honor Roll (scores of 18 to 21)

18 Alex Cao Shaker JHS
18 Alex Wei Van Antwerp MS
20 Patrick Chi Iroquois MS
20 Gideon Schmidt Iroquois MS
21 Shreya Arora Iroquois MS
21 Andrei Akhmetov Van Antwerp MS
21 Alicia Chen Farnsworth MS
21 Zach Benson Hebrew Academy of the Capital District
21 Sean Setzen Hebrew Academy of the Capital District

Honor Roll of Distinction (scores of 22 to 25)

23 Gili Rusak Shaker JHS
24 Philip Sun Acadia MS
24 William Wang Farnsworth MS
25 Ziqing (Bill) Dong Farnsworth MS

We will post additional honor scores here as we receive information about them.

Bill Dong's perfect paper of 25 is extremely unusual--there have been many years when there are no 25's anywhere in the entire state. It is all too easy for even the strongest students to make mistakes on a test like the AMC8, as many of our veteran high school students and alumni can tell you!

Bill joins a very rarefied group of students--Albany Area Math Circle's only previous perfect scorers on the AMC8 have been Raju Krishnamoorthy (1999), Drew Besse (2001), Schuyler Smith (2006), and Matthew Babbitt (2007).

Bill will also receive the AMC8 high scorer in the state award, as did Raju, Drew, Schuyler, and Matthew, as well as Andrew Ardito and Dave Bieber.

Students who would like to prepare for next year can find lots of old AMC8, AMC10, and AMC12 test problems, along with hints and solutions free and online at this webpage.

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