Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Princeton University Math Contest (PUMaC)

Teams from around the country and as far away as Beijing, China competed at the fifth annual Princeton University Math Contest (PUMaC) this past weekend.

Congratulations to the eight Albany Area Math Circle students who did an outstanding job of representing our math circle at PUMaC! Pictured below are team members Jay White (heeg), Felix Sun (Shenendahoah), Gili Rusak (Shaker), Ashley Cho (Emma Willard), Gurtej Kanwar (Bethlehem), Matthew Babbitt (heeg), Zubin Mukerjee (Guilderland) and Preston Law (heeg).

The team tied for fourth place in the highly competitive A-division team round, tying with top teams from such distinguished places as Phillips Exeter Academy, New York City, and Beijing.

PUMaC team captain Matthew Babbitt and senior veteran Ashley Cho both brought home individual A-division medals as well on the geometry round, with Matthew tying for 4th place and Ashley tying for 7th place.

There was much friendly camaraderie in the cars travelling to and from the contest, as well as games during the breaks in the competition day. Team member Zubin Mukerjee won the chess mini-event during the lunch break.

A special highlight this year was the opportunity for team members to visit with Andrew Ardito and Dave Bieber, much beloved alumni of our math circle who are now Princeton undergraduates helping to run the contest.

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