Thursday, October 14, 2010

Math Marketing Done Wrong!

Dear parents of students who attended our first middle school math meeet,

Thank you again for bringing your children to our first middle school math meet! They were a thoroughly delightful group to work with, and they helped our year of math meets get off to a great start!

It has come to our attention that Aileen Leventon, who is apparently a marketing person for a private tutoring business called "Math Done Right," was soliciting parents waiting to pick up their children after the meet, with information promoting that company.

None of the advisors of Albany Area Math Circle know anything about this "Math Done Right" business.

From our perspective, it was "Math Marketing Done Wrong!"

Ms. Leventon did not have our permission or endorsement to market her business to you, nor did she have permission from Hebrew Academy to market her business to you.

Please know that Albany Area Math Circle adult advisors are VOLUNTEERS! We are volunteering our time to create a vibrant mathematical community of kindred spirits who love problem solving together.

We are NOT volunteering our time to provide a marketing platform for a private business about which we know absolutely nothing.

If you encounter anyone attempting to solicit you for a private business at an Albany Area Math Circle event, please bring it to the attention of an Albany Area Math Circle advisor immediately. You can recognize us by our "Tough Traveler" ID badges (see below.)

Mary O'Keeffe
Albany Area Math Circle advisor

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