Monday, September 27, 2010

Middle School Math Meet Tuesday October 12

We again encourage our high school students to coach MATHCOUNTS teams and/or to organize and lead small middle school math circles for students in their areas.

Albany Area Math Circle is also offering something new for middle school students this year.

We will have a special monthly "Middle School Math Meet" event once a month.

Our first "Middle School Math Meet" event will be hosted by the Hebrew Academy of the Capital District on Tuesday October 12.

The meet will officially start at 4:15, but we will offer warmup activities for students who can arrive at 3:45. The meet will end by 5:30. Refreshments will be served. Students should bring pencils with good erasers. Please leave your calculators at home!

We will rotate days and locations for this monthly event in future months, including Sunday afternoons as well as weekday afternoons, so don't be discouraged if Tuesday afternoons are not good for you.

We also plan to rotate locations for this event, so please let us know if you would like to arrange for your school to host a future math meet. A special thanks to Hebrew Academy of the Capital District for "breaking the ice" and hosting the first one!

Parents of students who would like to participate in the October 12 math meet should use the form at this link to register their student.


Unknown said...

Will there still be regular Middle School Math Circle meetings every Friday?

Mary O'Keeffe said...

We are encouraging our high school students to organize small middle school math circle meetings in their areas on days that work well for their schedules.

Some of them may be on Fridays--we don't yet know the full schedule.