Sunday, March 7, 2010

Congratulations to Albany Area AIME qualifiers

AIME Qualifiers:

Andrew Ardito 126/120 (homeschool)
Matthew Babbitt 121 (homeschool)
Dave Bieber 115.5/118.5 (Niskayuna High School)
Shiwen (Heidi) Chen 111 (Emma Willard School)
So Yeun (Ashley) Cho 115.5 (Emma Willard School)
Peixuan Guo 106.5 (Bethlehem High School)
Gurtej Kanwar 106.5 (Bethlehem High School)
Preston Law 108 (homeschool)
Jeemin (Ann) Lim 88.5 (Emma Willard School)
Zubin Mukerjee 90 (Guilderland High School)
Adam Parower 91.5/100.5 (Shaker High School)
Paul Rapoport 94.5 (Albany Academy)
Gili Rusak 90 (Shaker Junior High School)
Schuyler Smith 117/127.5 (homeschool)
Felix Sun 108/100.5 (Shenendehowa High School)
Aniket Tolpadi 88.5 (Iroquois Middle School)
Jay White 97.5/99/100% on USAMTS (homeschool)
Jenny Xie 95 (Shenendehowa High School)

All of the students listed above qualified for the American Invitational Math Exam based on AMC12A and/or AMC12B scores. Both contests were exceptionally difficult this year.

The AMC10A and AMC10B contests were also exceptionally challenging this year. Although we do not know of any AIME qualifiers on the 10A or 10B this year, we would like to congratulate the following students who were high scorers in our area for their outstanding performances on the contests.

AMC10 high scorers:

Zhixing (Wanwan) Fei (Emma Willard School) 114 on 10A
Greg Hickey (Shaker High School) 114 on 10B
Elizabeth Parizh (Niskayuna High School) 112.5 on 10B
Zubin Mukerjee (Guilderland High School) 111 on 10A
Philip Sun (Acadia Middle School) 106.5 on 10B
Gili Rusak (Shaker Junior High) 105 on 10A
Wyatt Smith (homeschool) 105 on 10A and 10B
Preston Law (homeschool) 103.5 on 10B
Aniket Tolpadi (Iroquois Middle School) 102 on 10A
Jien Ogawa (homeschool) 99 on 10A
William Wang (Farnsworth Middle School) 96 on 10A
Gabe Holodak (Niskayuna High School) 96 on 10B
Cecilia Holodak (Van Antwerp Middle School) 94.5 on 10B
Hannah Liu (Guilderland High School) 94.5 on 10B

PS If there's anyone omitted because I didn't receive results from contests taken at their school, or to accidental oversight, please let me know and I'll happily add them!

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