Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NYSML Fall Congratulations!

Albany Area Math Circle won the New York State division of the competition and its three full-strength 8 person teams were the highest ranked in that division. All six of our teams performed impressively, especially given that three of them were lacking at least one student short of the full 8, which meant that some of the relays required ESP!

We can now collapse the wave function and report that we had two perfect scorers, Andrew Ardito and Matthew Babbitt, from the heeg team.

What is especially promising for the future of Albany Area Math Circle is that all six of our teams included many younger students, including a number of middle schoolers! Kudos to all our high school vets who have been mentoring and encouraging them! Thanks again to all the volunteer proctors and scorers who made NYSML Fall possible.

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