Sunday, April 12, 2009

New York Math League congratulations

Congratulations to Albany Area Math Circle members David Bieber, Ashley Cho, Liz Simon, Eric Wang, and Yipu Wang, who all made the top cumulative individual student honors list in the New York Math League High School division.  

Ashley, Liz, and Eric got scores of 33 out of a possible 36, tying for 30th place in New York State.   Dave and Yipu were two out of only seven students in the state who got perfect cumulative scores.

Congratulations also to the entire teams of participating students at Emma Willard School, Guilderland High School, and Shenendahoah High School, which all made the top 30 cumulative team honors list of the New York High School division.    

And yet more congratulations to two of our Middle School Math Circle members, Cecilia Holodak and Aniket Tolpadi, who made the top statewide individual honors list for the eighth grade division of the New York Math League.  Cecilia was tied for 22nd student in the state and Aniket for 9th place student in the state.  This is all the more impressive given that both students are seventh graders competing in the eighth grade division of the league.  Congratulations also to all members of their school teams at Van Antwerp and Iroquois respectively, which both ranked on the school team statewide honors list as well.

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