Sunday, March 22, 2009

Congratulations Mr. Babbitt!

Albany Area Math Circle Advisor William Babbitt is a recipient of the Mathematical Association of America/American Mathematics Competition's Edyth May Sliffe Award in recognition of his many contributions to the outstanding performance of students on Albany Area Math Circle's official AMC8 teams over the past three years.

Thousands of teams of students participate in the AMC8 all over the country, but only five coaches from each of the 10 AMC regions receive this national award.  The New York/New Jersey region is one of the most competitive in the country, so AAMC's recognition as one of the top five teams consistently over the past three years in that region is a most impressive accomplishment.

Congratulations to the students listed below whose excellent performance on the AMC8  resulted in this recognition for Mr. Babbitt's work. 

2008 AMC8 Team:  Preston Law, Zubin Mukerjee, Aniket Tolpadi
2007 AMC8 Team:  Matthew Babbitt, Preston Law, Wyatt Smith
2006 AMC8 Team:  Schuyler Smith, Matthew Babbitt, Ben Kaiser & Jay White (tie)

Albany Area Math Circle advisor Mary O'Keeffe nominated Mr. Babbitt for this award because of his dedication to working with so many middle school students, not only on his own MATHCOUNTS team, but from other schools as well.  He understands that the true purpose of math contests is not just to collect trophies or advance to higher levels but to create communities in which students can support, encourage, and inspire other students in the development of their problem solving skills.  An important goal of Albany Area Math Circle is to build bridges of collaboration among groups of students who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to work together.  He unselfishly embodies all that is best about the generous and sharing community of math coaches.

Update:  Mr. Babbitt is now Dr. Babbitt.


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