Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Physics olympiad congratulations!

Three students from Albany Area Math Circle, Andrew Ardito, Dave Bieber, and Yipu Wang, have placed on the top 400 students national list from the first level of the USA Physics Olympiad contest they took in January along with 4,000 strong physics students from all over the country.

Andrew, Dave, and Yipu will now advance to the next level of physics olympiad contest this Saturday. This is the second step in a sequence of contests leading to selection of the 24 students who will constitute the USA Physics Olympiad team, which will train at the University of Maryland in late May. At the conclusion of that training camp, five of those 24 will be designated as members of the traveling team that will represent the USA at the 2009 International Physics Olympiad to be held in Merida Mexico this summer.

Good luck to Andrew, Dave, and Yipu on Saturday!

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