Thursday, June 7, 2012

Home of the math champions: Upstate New York!

Upstate NY All-Star Math Team celebrates the announcement that Allen Liu is the national high school math champion!

Hundreds of mathletes and coaches applaud Allen as he walks down to center court at Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center.  Allen's victory is all the more impressive because he is only an eighth grader.  He attends Bay Trails Middle School in Penfield, New York, but he has already been excelling in math classes at the University of Rochester.  He is currently attending the Math Olympiad Summer Program, along with high school students on this year's International Math Olympiad team and others considered strong prospects for future year teams.  As a USA Math Olympiad  qualifier every year since the fifth grade and a top-10 finisher at ARML since sixth grade, Allen has already compiled an extraordinary track record, yet he is an outstanding example of modesty and a generous spirit always willing to share what he knows with others.

Upstate NY All-Star Coaches Jen Vibber, Brenda Munch, and Tom Zink beam with pride as Allen becomes the newest member of their Upstate NY dynasty of national champions. No other ARML team anywhere in the country (or world!) can boast about so many national champions.  ARML went national in 1984. Since that time, 26 distinct individuals have won ARML.   Of those 26 champions, four are from the Upstate NY team:

Robert Kleimberg (1992)
Jeremy Bem (1993)
Aaron Pixton (2004)
Allen Liu (2012)
Coach Jen Vibber has been Allen's local coach throughout his middle school years, as well as a member of the Upstate NY Math Team coaching staff.  She is also the incoming head coach for the Upstate NY Math Team.  That's outgoing Upstate NY head coach George Reuter looking over her shoulder in the photo!  With the foundation built by George, Jen, and the other dedicated veteran coaches on the Upstate NY staff, we all know the Upstate NY team is in great hands going forward.  Thanks to all the tremendously dedicated coaches for the many hours of tireless work they put into creating an awesome community experience for mathematically passionate kindred spirit students all over Upstate NY.   It is obviously a labor of love for each and every one of them, as they are all volunteers.   They are outstanding teachers who inspire their mathletes with their character as well as their knowledge of problem-solving methods.

2012 Upstate NY Math Team Coaching Staff:

George Reuter (MCML/Canandaigua Academy) 
Doug Becker (MCML/Gates-Chili HS), Treasurer
Brenda Munch (MCML/Brighton High School)
Patty Pragel (MCML/Greece Arcadia High School)
Jen Vibber (MCML/Penfield High School)
Glen Stephenson (Corning West High School)
Tom Zink (AAMC/MicroStrategy)
Bill Babbitt (AAMC/RPI)
Rita Biswas (AAMC/UAlbany)

(If you would like to learn more about the "Parent Function" cited on the Upstate NY team t-shirts, check out Pat Ballew's blog post describing the fascinating history of the term's usage.)


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