Wednesday, December 14, 2011

AMC8 honors

Congratulations to the following students from Albany area schools who achieved national recognition on the very challenging AMC8 contest given last month.  Congratulations as well to all the math circle  student coaches who have supported and encouraged the students, particularly Zubin Mukerjee, whose satellite middle school math circle had many high scorers again this year.

William Wang, eighth grader at Farnsworth Middle School, was one of four students in the state to manage a rare perfect score.  In many years, there are no perfect scores in the entire state of New York.  William joins a long list of AAMC students with high scorer in the state plaques on the AMC8, starting with Raju Krishnamoorthy (1998), Drew Besse (2001),  Dave Bieber (2004), Andrew Ardito (2004, 2005), Schuyler Smith (2006), Matt Babbitt (2007), and Ziqing (Bill) Dong (2010).

Joining William on the Distinguished Honor Roll are Bill Dong (Farnsworth, 23 points), Alex Wei (Van Antwerp/Niskayuna CSD, 23 points), and Eric Pasquini (Farnsworth, 22 points.)

William, Bill, and Eric had a school team score of 70 points, which ranked Farnsworth third place in the state and earned the school national school honor roll standing.    Jeremy Collison from Farnsworth also achieved national Honor Roll recognition with a score of 18 points.

Niskayuna middle school students from Iroquois and Van Antwerp joined forces to rack up a team score of 65 points, ranking 7th place team in the state and earning a spot on the national school Merit Roll list.  In addition to Alex Wei, other Niskayuna CSD students earning national Honor Roll status were:  Patrick Chi and Liam McGrinder with 21 points, Andrey Ahkmetov, Gideon Schmidt, and Jason Tang with 20 points each, Matthew (Rocket) Ruona with 19 points, Alice Hollocher, Darius Irani, and Vladimir Malcevic with 18 points.

Other teams that made the national Merit Roll list included Bethlehem Middle School with a team score that ranked top 30 in the state.  Four of their students also earned individual Honor Roll standing as well:  Wenyuan Hou (21 points) Eliot Shekhtman and Iris Zhou (18 points), and Bowen Chen (17 points).

Alex Cao (21 points) and Jeff Shen (19 points), both from Shaker Junior HS and competing on the Albany Area Math Circle team, earned individual national Honor Roll Recognition.  Along with the score contributed by tying school bronze winners Gwenda Law (O'Rourke) and Helen Yuan (Shaker), the Albany Area Math Circle team landed on the school Merit Roll as well.

Albany Academies also landed on the national school Merit Roll with a team score of 51 points.   Zoe Shannon (18 points) and Joseph Aiello (17 points) earned individual Honor Roll recognition as well.

The following students in sixth grade or below received individual recognition for their scores on the Achievement Roll:  Bethlehem MS:  Michael Klisiwecz, Isabella Ruud, and Eliot Shekhtman;  HACD:  Max Benson; Niskayuna CSD: Gregory George and Gabriel Kammer.

All national honor lists are available at this link.

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