Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Congratulations Professor Moorthy!

The Mathematical Association of America has honored Albany Area Math Circle advisor Professor Mukkai Krishnamoorthy of RPI with the Edyth May Sliffe Award for Distinguished Mathematics Teaching.

Prof. Moorthy was nominated for the award by students on Albany Area Math Circle's AMC12 team, which scored among the top 25 teams in the country in 2008. AAMC team members were: Andrew Ardito, Matthew Babbitt, David Bieber, Schuyler Smith, and Qianyi ("Landy") Zhang.

Here is the text of their nomination for Professor Moorthy:

Professor Moorthy has been with the Albany Area Math Circle since its start in 2001. He generously volunteers 3 hours of his time every Friday night, giving expert guidance to the members of the math circle. He explains solutions with amazing clarity, and has seemingly endless patience. He will often give students problems of his own composition. These problems are always interesting, and lead to a greater understanding of the concepts involved. In short, Professor Moorthy has played an integral role in making the Albany Area Math Circle as successful and rewarding as it is, and we are all deeply indebted to him. Because saying thank you doesn‘t come close to repaying him for all his contributions, we nominate Professor Mukkai Krishanmoorthy for the Edyth May Sliffe Award.

Matt, Dave, Professor Krishnamoorthy, Schuyler, and Andrew
(not pictured: Qianyi "Landy")

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